Job offers not coming in? Check your handwriting

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Handwriting analysis when performed by a trained subconscious behaviorist tell a highly accurate and detailed picture of how well a person will or won't fit into a company's culture.  To the subconscious behaviorist it doesn't matter if your handwriting is neat or sloppy, written in cursive, or printed, or a combination of cursive and printed characters.

When I receive handwriting samples from an employer or a Human Resources manager, I only need to know three things.  First: What is the position that the handwriting is being evaluated for.  Second: What the key attributes that need to be present in the ideal employee for this position.  Third: Does this position require a lot of interaction with other employees, investors, or the public.

Once I have this information I begin looking at the handwriting samples.  I perform an analysis on each one individually and I always begin the same way.  I look at the total page.  How are the margins?  A bit narrow on one side or the other?  The individual is not giving leave way towards themselves or to others.  This indicates that this individual will either hold them self up to unrealistic standards, or will hold others to unrealistic standards depending on which side of the margin is more narrow. Are the margins wide?  Then the person grants a lot of leave way to either themselves or to others again depending on which side of the margins are wider.

Is the writing very small and precise or is is larger and more fluid?  Each tells me very specific attributes about the writers personality.  How are the letters formed?  For example on the capital D is the letter closed or open?  Open tells us that the writer has a tendency not to keep secrets. Is the letter t crossed high, medium, or low?  That indicates the writers self confidence.

While I will not go into every aspect of the analysis here is some of the information that the handwriting sample will tell me.


  1. Is the writer truthful or does the write deceive people.
  2. Will the writer keep confidential information secret or do they talk a bit too much.
  3. Is the writer a stickler for detail, or are they more of a big picture person.
  4. Does the writer do well in group settings or do they feel more comfortable working alone or in very small groups of one or two other individuals.
  5. Is the writer confident, open minded, close minded, arrogant, forgiving, demanding, creative, or logical?  These are just a few of the traits that are revealed by a persons handwriting.
Armed with my full analysis the company principles can rest assured that they will make the correct hiring decision and put the perfect employee in the perfect position where they will use all of their skills to their best abilities.


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Job offers not coming in? Check your handwriting

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This article was published on 2011/06/19